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•°∘sad but kinda rad∘°•

lisamcconniffe: “ Peachy Neon phone //*Need ✖via Ruby Claire 🍑🍑🍑 ”

Retro russian (?) tv Product design

1950 Zenith TV - the first generation to grow up in front of a TV.

Ahhhh... eu fiquei com vontade de ter tido um... rs

The Amstrad CPC computer, featuring an integrated tape recorder. It wasn't as successful as the Commodore 64 or the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, but a lot of games were available for the Amstrad as well.

Commodore VIC-20 Ad. This was my first computer, programming at 8 yrs old.

55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

I had a but the Vic 20 was it's Betamax cousin. I learned to originally program on a Vic 20