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you keep using that bible verse i do not think it means what - Princess Bride

Here's a classic Aunt Eller at the butter churn.  Notice the pulled back hair, apron and use of age make up.

Churn down FOR WHAT? Lil Jon knows the important questions to ask about the amish

Absolutely love this.

I testify of the truth of this statement by an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have felt the power of it in my own life and seen it in the lives of others. It is such a beautiful thing. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Christian Memes by lilbitcrazy...this should not get back to my kids, because if it is available, they will find this one!  Hahaha!

Success Kid - Finds ringtone that says "amen" No longer has to silence phone in church service

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17 Photos That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud If You're A Really Private Person