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K Project

K Project - Anna, Izumo, Mikoto and Tatara art by Hiramatsu (Zerochan)

shizaya, izaya orihara and durarara! image on We Heart It

K Project, Sweets, Has, Pictures, Drawing

Kuro and Shiro // K Project

Kuroh and Shiro // K Project Kuroshiro

K Project - Kuroh, Misaki, Neko, Reisi, Saruhiko and Yashiro art by Aoi Levin (Zerochan)

I applaud this person for their fantastic artistic skills! :D Cause look! This thing is freaking FABULOUS! :D

K anime << on my to watch list. can someone rate this for me in the comments pls? thanks XD

K Anime Project Gah this anime is frustrating. stupid characters with hardly no back story or motivation. stupid anime not explaining anythng .

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Fushimi Saruhiko, Yata Misaki, Kamamoto Rikio and Kusanagi Izumo.