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huey p. newton...I mean what is more beautiful than a man willing to give his life to help his people??!

Huey P Newton, co-founding member of the Black Panther Party and leaders for over 2 decades. Oakland, California Amber's view: this is Huey Newton the most familar revolutionary that Delphine identified with.

Why I post what I post!!!No disrespect to others just PRIDE in being BLACK!!!

The Difference between Black Power and White Supremacy. There is nothing worse than being a racist supremist, no one race is superior to another!

Knowledge of self is real wealth and what will elevate you.

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John ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Psalms righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth. and all thy commandments are truth.

I swear I being in my skin

I like how the other day I told my friend who is the opposite skin tone of mine that my hair defies gravity, she didn't believe me so I sent her a picture of my hat out of the pony tail😂😂

Well...... Have you?

Relates to how in the Jewish Wife, Judith Keith is heavily oppressed by the corrupt nature of the nazi regime slowly building. Her opinions and views don't matter in this world.

Watching Americans Unite In Solidarity & Activism <3

Social Movements such as Black Lives Matter are created by minorities and other undermined peoples to combat the power structure that oppresses them.

WE HAVE THE POWER!!! Lets combine it with wisdom, knowledge, and a love for God it will take us far. Salah

That's why there targeting these black young men because they know their power and if they get it together and stand up the truth will be exposed in thus corrupt world

Reblogging this because i am a white man who recognises, surrenders and obeys.

Not about hate of others (Alot of people don't seem to understand this). Not the equivalent of 'white power/supremecy'