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L Marshmellow Kitten (Death note) by Artmania1234.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Next is Ryuk than Spirit from Soul Eater L Marshmellow Kitten (Death note)

My mother was in the room when the scene came on. She gave me a wielded out expression so drastic, it was as if "2 girls 1 cup" was on. XD

One of my favorites. Soul Eater

Soul Eater ~~ Crona whose gender is a mystery... BTW: Japanese doesn't HAVE gender-specific pronouns. That's an artifact added by fansubbers who can't cope with the repetitive use of people's names.

The top one is Crona's sex so it's what he biologically is. Gender is what YOU process as. Crona has never clarified for us so yes it is unknown. Either way Crona is still my favorite. Right above Kid.

Crona #soul eater I don't know how to deal with that ...

Crona eater crona is definitely one of my favourite characters from Soul Eater I ship Craka Crona + Maka