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Redbud trees like swampy soil in the subcanopy of tennessee forests.

Identification of Flowering Trees in Tennessee

Tennessee is a mountainous state that straddles the Appalachian mountain range. Large parts of Tennessee are woodlands.

Love the color of redbud blossoms. Native Indians used the branches for basket weaving.

Redbud Tree Pictures: tree category contains photos of red bud trees, facts on each tree category, we have many beautiful Redbud tree images

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Redbud Tree: Pictures, Images, Photos of Red Bud Shrub

Dogwood and redbuds in springtime outside Waterford, Virginia. This is what I really miss about springtime!

Pinner says "redbuds and dogwood trees" Well I've never heard of a dogwood tree before but ok.

Plant redbud trees this fall for bright purple blooms that will brighten up your spring >> http://www.diynetwork.com/outdoors/flowering-trees/pictures/index.html?soc=pinterest

Flowering Trees

deciduous tree lights up the early spring landscape with its lavender pink blooms and leaves are heart-shaped. Growing rapidly when young, it typically maxes out at 30 feet or less. Love and grow this tree and love the fence in this scene!

Beautiful Private Drive.....wish it were mine!

Bluepueblo: Cherry Blossom Lane, Kyoto, Japan photo via myrtle

Multi-Stem Eastern Redbud Trees | Cercis canadensis Tree Pictures | Moon Nurseries

Multi-Stem Eastern Redbud tree is a favorite native tree with profuse flowers that bloom in early spring and adapts well to many site conditions. Botanical name for Eastern Redbud trees - Cercis canadensis.

Lavender Twist Redbud Trees | Cercis canadensis Covey Tree Pictures | Moon Nurseries

Lavender Twist covey Redbud tree has a spectacular, vigorous, cascading habit with brilliant purple flowers and glossy green foliage. Botanical name for Lavender Twist Redbud trees - Cercis canadensis.