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Definitely going to need these tips for next year when Penelope lives with me and my roommate! #DogSupplies

How to Stop Dog Barking in Your Apartment

Excessive barking not only poses an annoyance to you, but to your neighbors as well. You can’t expect a dog to never bark, but incessant barking becomes an issue over time. Here’s a few techniques to help stop dog barking in your apartment.

Pawprints on our hearts

Dogs...the closest thing to angels on earth.

"Today I will be THANKFUL for all the pawprints on my floor & the slobbery kisses on my face & the hair on my clothes. For there will come a day when there is far too much room in our bed and these days will be profoundly missed." BE THANKFUL!

Every one should have a spiritual guide ...

Beautiful dog quote poster - Everyone needs a spiritual guide, mine is my dog. He has great wisdom to impart, he makes friends easily, and doesn't hold a grudge.

Some good dog wisdom

DOG WISDOM-DOG WISDOM stencil word art typography collage dogs a little bit of be brave no matter your size by nettie

Oh yes!!!!!!

Keep calm a doggy kiss will make it better. All the time. Bear would always kiss my boo-boo's to make them better.

i know , I'm sorry, it made me cry but it's so true Dogs

good old dog ~ oh my I actually cried. Your pace is slowing, time is wearing thin, You won't be here for long - Old Dog I'll miss your grin. But before you go there is one thing to say, Old Dog, I Love You and I'll miss you the rest of my days and it's

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To my 2 Angels in Heaven ,Clarice and Napolion......miss you

For my sweet Beloved --Grace ( bea )I hope you are in Heaven playing with other dogs. You deserve it! are still in my heart and To you always will be. You were more than just a dog to me, you were family, (

8x10 Pet Quote Art Print - It's not a home without fur-kids Wall Art Print - Dog…

8x10 Pet Quote Art Print - It's not a home without fur-kids Wall Art Print - Dog Quote - Pet Quotes

Pet Quote Art Print - It's not a home without fur-kids Wall Art Print - Dog Quote - Pet Quotes


Pitbull Print - Dog Photography - Pitbull Inspirational Words - Black and White - Pitbull Lover Gift - Dog Lover Gift - Pitbull Art - Decor

So True! - Pitbull Print Dog Photography Pitbull by ShermanPhotography

Love you bubby!!!!!!

My children have four legs and feelings like anyone else. I have loved my children since I was a baby myself.


Dogs are like potato chips, that's so true, and that goes for cats too.