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Open w/ Ross [Paranoid]): D-Drugs? T-They bring back bad memories of my arrest. I-I swear, I don't keep them on my person.

My baby. Wes Tucker❤️

Fc: Wes tucker) Yo my name is Wes and I am originally from russia. I was abused as a kid and now I have sudden seizures now and again. I can usually feel them before they happen tho for some odd reason. Anyhow, I wont bite come say hi.

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::Wes tucker:: "sup, I'm Wesley but if you call me that I will hurt you. Call me Wes. I'm a bit of a player so don't get attached. have a brother named Derek and two sisters named Madison and sahar"

Wes:: "Hey, im Grey. Im 20 and single. Im the right-hand man to the leader. Im best friends with his daughter, Stormi. Im very humble, love children, and even looking scary, im a huge teddy bear. im also on the army guard. Come say hi."

::Wesley Tucker:: "hey I'm Wesley Tucker but I go by Wes. I'm 19 and single but kinda looking"

{fc: Wes tucker} hey I'm Wes!! I'm 19 and single. Ummmmm I have three sibling and I love music. Introduce?

(Shawn mendes//Dakota Brooks //brownies//wesley tucker//jake t. I'm Shawn Dakota.

(act like the captions not there) baby will you go to the ball with me?

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Damian: I'm at the party enjoying myself and after a few drinks I decide to get something to eat. when I close the fridge I see you standing there with a smirk.

Observe his little green eyes, the strong jaw and the turned up nose twice and you will be praying to cuddle with him tonight.