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A shout-out to all the girls living for Christ on the college campus! These 15 hilarious memes go out to you.

15 Hilarious Signs You’re a Christian Girl in College

so me kissing stomach - madelinemonroe - only girl in the world, girl - you - up next to him kissing kiss me and you forever foodporn -


Teenager Post Dear Math, I liked you a lot better before you and the alphabet started hooking up.

why was this even created? Who ever even said people aren't cool who are named bob? what is the inTERNET

I have a really good friend named Bob. He was the coolest person ever. He died two months ago. He really was awesome.

10 of the Most Relatable Christian Memes This Week! | Project Inspired

10 of the Most Relatable Christian Memes This Week!

Here's to another meme roundup! We couldn't pass up sharing this week's super funny and relatable memes we found floating around the Internet. Stay tuned for more Christian humor each week!

#repost from @Godissufficientmemes because I might meet him tonight (if I can get off work early enough). -@gmx0 #BaptistMemes

I actually think I'd make an excellent youth group pastor if only because I'm the goofiest Jesus freak alive.

You ladies know how much we love searching the web for our favorite roundup of Christian humor! Have a laugh with us this week with these 15 hilarious memes.