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NASA Pictures of the Universe | Galaxies, Nebluae, Stars and More! ❤ liked on Polyvore

a massive cloud of dust and gas—in the familiar constellation Orion, where it appears to the naked eye as the brightest "star" in the hunter's sword.

Dropbox - 2015-08-09 19.12.46.png

Dropbox - 2015-08-09 19.12.46.png

Resultado de imagen para fotos del univers reales nasa

This is a composite image of the brightest supernova remnant in optical light in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The Chandra X-ray image (blue) shows million-degree gas in the center. Much cooler gas at the outer parts of the remnant is seen in.


stars nebula Aurora Borealis- the real deal. It's amazing just how beautiful this is! a nebula near cepheus The Rosette Nebula CLICK.

Nebula of Stars and Colorful Gas - Long, Tall, Vertical Pins

Nebulosa de Estrelas e gases coloridos - Nebula of Stars and Colorful Gas - Long, Tall, Vertical Pins

Nebulosa de Órion

Astronomy The Bubble Nebula Oct - Image Credit & Copyright: Larry Van Vleet

Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula (NGC This world is really awesome. The woman who make…

Be Encouraged - The Universe is very, very big. And you are very, very small. But God still loves you and cares for you in every way. (The Sword of Orion)

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Orion nebula Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Stauffer (SSC/Caltech)

Orion's Dreamy Stars - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope God is sooo creative!

Eye of God Nebula | The Homecoming of Elton Hellyer on Friday and the Celebration of Len ...

We “Can Only Imagine …” – The Hope of Our Lord’s Eternal Presence

Would love to know what nebula this is. This is a color-enhanced, flipped version of a portion of the Orion Nebula showing baby star formation.

Astrophysikerin Jocelyn Bell Burnell „Möglicherweise ist Einsteins Theorie falsch“  Kosmischer Leuchtturm. Pulsare sind schnell rotierende Neutronensterne, die Strahlung mit einem bestimmten Muster abgeben. Die künstlerische Darstellung zeigt einen Pulsar im Zentrum des Krebsnebels.

Crab Nebula, showing countless branchlike filaments of hydrogen gas throughout the remnant of a supernova explosion

Yellow Elephant Nebula                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Astronomy is the science of that which happens beyond our Earth. Images like this one of stellar jet activity in the Carina Nebula, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, help us understand the universe.