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Wild Garlic Chimichurri - AIP paleo dairyfree low FODMAP

A beautiful bright chimichurri salsa, with a mild flavour, thanks to seasonal wild garlic. Great with grilled meats, roasted veggies, fish .

AIP Lamb, Tarragon and Mint Koftas Guest Post by Jo Romero | www.ThePaleoMom.com #Paleo

AIP Lamb, Tarragon & Mint Koftas (sub garlic-infused oil for garlic) / Comfort Bites via The Paleo Mom

Hidden liver burgers: the taste isn't masked, it isn't there.

Hidden liver burgers

No more hating the taste of liver. No more masking the taste of liver. These burgers do not taste of liver at all.

AIP Sweet and Sour Chicken via @AutoimmuneProtocol #aipaleo #paleoaip #aip

AIP Sweet and Sour Chicken

AIP Sweet and Sour Chicken via @AutoimmuneProtocol #aipaleo #paleoaip #aip


Argentinian Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

Argentinian Steaks with Chimichurri sauce is a typical Argentinian. The flavourful sauce along with the juicy steaks make the whole dish unique and a must try !

AIP Collard Green Wrap with Steak, Wild Mushrooms, Avocado, Onions

paleo collard green wrap with steak, wild mushrooms, avocado, and onions - aip compliant

Beef Brisket and Gravy #AIP #autoimmuneprotocol #paleo | Enjoying this Journey...

Beef Brisket and Gravy

AIP Chicken Curry - Nourish: the Paleo Healing Cookbook Review - Real Food with Dana

Nourish: the paleo healing cookbook - the amazing solution for kicking up the taste factor on your autoimmune meals!

Baked Parsnip Salmon Cakes : Parsnips 2 cans salmon Dill, garlic, salt Coco or avocado oil for brushing

Baked Parsnip Salmon Cakes

These AIP & friendly salmon cakes make a great lunch, hot or cold. Cook up a batch at the weekend and use them for packed lunches during the week!

Tapioca flour water chestnut flour Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Creamy Paleo Lemon Squares (Coconut Free)

Beyond the Bite: Creamy Paleo Lemon Squares (AIP Friendly) (water chestnut flour)

Beef Heart Stir Fry #AIP #autoimmuneprotocol | Enjoying this Journey...

This Beef Heart Stir Fry is satisfying and delicious! It received thumbs up across the board, which was a relief because I had pounds of heart to use!