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Blue Eagle Von shows Kiefer and Legit Status how to beat the heat with Rexona!

I LOVE all these neighbor gift ideas! Nothing beats cute, thoughtful and EASY! Best list I've seen...

Super Easy Neighbor Gift Ideas

There is nothing not to like about these easy neighbor gift ideas! Sweet and simple, any of these would be a great way to spread around the Christmas cheer!

The Cuteness by Razellia on DeviantArt

Shiina is hillarious. She just loves cute things. (。・ω・) Angel Beats Vers. Demotovational Part V

Yui x Hinata, Angel Beats- only if this happened... Lemme go fandom now...

Yui x Hinata, Angel Beats- the feeels ugh this couple is like the best

<3 Angel Beats! this is such a great anime. I totally recommend someone watch this

Angel Beats my friend is just getting into anime she was like wut should I watch next? me: ANGEL BEATS MAN!