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Sophie Roach is an Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY based artist, illustrator, and muralist.

Mardi Gras Lithuanian Folk Museum

Lithuania tradition where we try to scare the winter with our scary masks during February and ask for Spring to come more quickly .

When I exercise I wear black it is like a funeral for my by jhenai

When I exercise I wear black it is like a funeral for my by jhenai

So, when you watch the video and see web-work patterns driven onto undulating surfaces, or beats turned into expanding water spirals, remember that you're seeing mathematics made manifest. What you're seeing already existed before the music even started, because it first existed as mathematical relations that have always existed and have always been true.

The Invisible World Has A Funky Fresh Beat

The magic of sound and science in CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford - From the album 'Solar Echoes'.

Handmade Meditation Bowl with Om Symbol

Handmade Meditation Bowl with Om Symbol

Ways to help youth prepare for serving a mission by learning important life skills and experiences that help increase testimonies.

10 Practical Ways to Prepare for an LDS Mission

Do you have trouble focusing your attention when doing you LDS scripture study? Here are several steps to help you get the most out of your LDS scripture study.: Intro to LDS Scripture Study Techniques

The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn is my favorite story from childhood. Had the VHS for years! This artist has a bunch of non-disney princess art nouveau pieces that I want!

The two-chromosome cholera bacterium genome, and the location and size of the 70 genetic groups moving in between genes, which were discovered in this study. Variants consist of different combinations of those genetic groups. According to the study, variants are believed to be generated due to bacteriophage, the virus that infects bacteria.

Genomic sequencing of mutated bacteria becomes possible in 2 daysScientists identify mechanism for emergence of mutated cholera bacterium Working through an international study, .