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I pinned this a while back before watching it and fell in love with it! I've literally watched it a thousand times and I'm just pinning it so its easier to find.❤

The most amazingly talented woman EVERY! Such a beautiful video. "One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley" you HAVE to watch this!

There's always one…

Five out of the ten Disney Princesses. Alice isn't a Disney Princess, but still an awesome Disney character! (So is her cat).

I'm sorry I keep sending you pins, but all I could think of was you @Jen Germano when I saw this Pixar Pin. LOL

My logic: Disney translated all of it. Because they wanted us to understand the movie. Also, Wall-e was left behind by the humans, he isn't from the future.<< But he IS in the future. The future from now to there.

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There should be some sort of exam or knowledge assessment required prior to reproducing or operating a computer, smart device, vehicle and any other machinery.

I... want to go here so badly.

that would be so awesome, but could he have gym with the guy from Mulan instead? <--That GUY from mulan? THAT'S SHANG!

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My soulmate is sans. Not in a romantic way just as friends pls I like puns yay imma be friends with my soulmate I'm the worst person in the world hurray for me

There Are Some People Who You Cannot Win An Argument Against (Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy) - I love Mandy

There Are Some People Who You Cannot Win An Argument Against (Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy) - I love Mandy, except in that one KND crossover.

Wow ! They are gorgeous , I mean they are     .

The horses in Frozen are real…

I knew this! One of my favorite breeds of horse. Fjords are like teddy bear horses! I l was SO excited to see that they had them in the movie, since the movie was based out of Norway. A nice change of pace from the horses in most Disney movies.