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Ukyo Asahina and Ema Hinata - Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict - Ukyo and Ema I have to say Ukyo is prolly the brother that I find the most attractive. He's so mature and we don't see enough of him.

Ema And Wataru

Brothers Conflict - Wataru and Ema Cute brother sister relationship

Black Butler- Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive

*nosebleeds* Heh yes my lord~ Sebastian A-Are you having a NOSEBLEED? ~Ciel *dies of nosebleed* ~Sebastian

Owari no Seraph : The Moon Demon Company and The Vampires

In this POV series, you're a colossal asshole. Also, you're bisexual. ----- My RWBY group for canon characters: My dA Chatroom:…

Velvet: "Oh Jaune, when I'm done with you, your arse will be sore all week~" Jaune: "Uhh Velvet." Velvet: "It's that time Jaune~" Jaune: ".