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The Mycena lux-coeli mushroom



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Bioluminescent Fungi (Filoboletus manipularis?) - DSC_2559_640

Bioluminescent Fungi (Filoboletus manipularis?) - DSC_2559_640

Lunar Mushroom Tiny mushroom approx 2-3mm diameter of the cap. Emits faint glow visible during the night. Usually found on rotting bamboo.

Lunar Mushroom Tiny mushroom approx diameter of the cap. Emits faint glow visible during the night. Usually found on rotting bamboo.

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A fungus is any member of a large group of eukaryotic organisms that includes micro-organisms such as yeasts and moulds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms

Real Monstrosities — earthyday: Bioluminescence © Angelo N.

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Bioluminescence occurs in fireflies, plankton, fungi and other organisms, creating amazing visual effects that border on supernatural. We’ve scoure...

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Bioluminescent mushrooms

Bioluminescent mushrooms

موسوعة صور المهندسة: عيش الغراب الاخضر,7, neon green mushrooms

This rare glowing fungi can only be found in a small area deep within a rainforest in Sao Paulo. The locals refer to it as the “eternal light mushroom” due to it’s ability to continuously glow throughout the night.

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Entoloma Hochstetteri (virescens), Fox Glacier, New Zealand by Steve Axford

Amethyst deceiver (Laccaria amethystina), Vasilitsa, Greece. ©️️️️️️ Agorastos Papatsanis

Fabulous fungi photo gallery by Agorastos Papatsanis

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Freaky Fungi Photo by Zong Ye Quek — National Geographic Your Shot

Pink Fungus.

Photo by Michael Snedic.This wouldn't last an hour in my yard. Two of the herd of grey squirrels are big mushroom destroyers. Any that pop up are usually scattered over the yard before the day is done.


Spinellus Fusiger (Bonnet Mould) -- growing on a Mycena Zephirus mushroom (By Julio Gómez Raindo).