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Tattoos - Tribal tattoos - Color-Spinal-Tribal - Anthony Plaza: reminds me of mine!

Tattoo Idea!

"LOVE this idea for a tattoo where each little flyaway represents your children - easy enough to add on to as your family grows!" Not a big fan of THIS dandelion tattoo, but love the concept for my dandelion:)

crowns, tiaras and more ...

Crowns, Tiaras and More

would be nice if I could do something similar with the wording through the background //The Decorated House art. Crown with antique French Writing on Antique Ledger Page from Copyrighted Art. Not for reproduction.

Twirling around in the vast open space I was breathing in the playful atmosphere of children squealing with delight, without a thought in, mind, I was lost in the moment, the breeze in slow motion.  It entices me forwards to lock into what is mine, my rightful ownership.  I am the one, I am the archetype I am the person to solve the problems of mankind.  Will you stay with me?

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Quetzal inspiration by *o-LilSweets-o on deviantART (Artist requests that if you use this as inspiration that you at least alter the design before using on yourself) this would be such an awesome tattoo I love birds

like tat, not locale

cute four leaf clover with a Irish/Celtic twist. Would be perfect with initials in each of the clovers


More rosemaling-inspired ideas. Like it but would be better with a hibiscus flower

Really love this one

tribal phoenix design as a base, with longer tail feathers added, with different designs for each, with a black tribal outline