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Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it get boring so I go back to being me

I'm not always rude and sarcastic sometimes I'm asleep t-shirt

If you have a sarcastic type of humor then these shirts are right for you. It is a combination of being a bit witty and clever and a touch rude.

Alchohol's defense - Street Cred Urban Bo$$wear

In Alcohol's Defense, I Have Done Some Pretty Dumb Shit While Completely Sober Too

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I've Decided I No Longer Want To Be An Adult...If Anyone Needs Me I'll Be In My Blanket Fort, Coloring T-Shirt

I've decided I no longer want to be an adult.If anyone needs me I'll be in my blanket fort, coloring.


Outrageously humor t-shirts for men and women. These hilarious shirts will make you literally laugh out loud!

word play

This shirt has a porpoise t-shirt, funny t-shirt