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20 Things You'll Understand If You Hate Reading Interruptions

I'm still stuck writing essays...

Funny pictures about How it feels to finally graduate. Oh, and cool pics about How it feels to finally graduate. Also, How it feels to finally graduate.

Me, totally me!


"This isn't some paper that you can write the night before" You underestimate my power.

Sounds like Moffat

27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny SO TRUE! Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Josh / Princess And The Frog / Disney Humor / Books

Drake and josh funny

XD the director must have thought of this. Josh + Red Dawn = the theater thug

this will be my finals week

David after the dentist finals meme, I just stumbled across this!--- Or just any dental school exam


Not sure what this business card is for but it is very funny and done in a very comic book/cartoon-y style which I really like

My is avitar divergent and docter who and Maxamume ride it's not up ther but and also kora

The fact that I'm in so many fandoms is crazy. Hunger Games--Divergent--The Avengers--The Mortal Instruments--Doctor Who--Teen Wolf--Vampire Academy--Percy Jackson--Harry Potter-- Avatar the Last Airbender

The Book Forest In Berlin. Guys... I'm moving out of my country ASAP

The Book Forest In Berlin

Funny pictures about Book Forest In Berlin. Oh, and cool pics about Book Forest In Berlin. Also, Book Forest In Berlin photos.

Lol new girl she has a special place in my heart because  I'd so say something just like this

New Girl quote 'you're gonna be fine. just, you know suck in the gut. what gut? the little pouch where you keep your extra cookies' :)

Dont ever!

Loki & Julian Smith- :D Don't you ever interrupt me while I'm reading a book!