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Snoop Dogg, Hip Hop

WWE HOF and WM 31 Pre-Show News, More on Snoop Dogg, Lucha - http://www.wrestlesite.com/wwe/wwe-hof-and-wm-31-pre-show-news-more-on-snoop-dogg-lucha/

Snoop Dogg Owes Donald Trump An Apology After Lavender Video: Says Presidents Lawyer Micheal Cohen


Snoop Dogg, Hip Hop

L.L. Cool J, KRS-ONE, Freddie Foxx

LL Cool J, KRS-One and Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles. A classic rewind.

Tupac and Yo-Yo                                                                                                                                                      More

Tupac and rapper Yo-Yo,aka Yolanda Whitaker.She worked with Ice Cube a lot in the early was in the movie, Boyz in the Hood.She also did a show on Rap Supreme. Also I want Pac's crown ring

NWA in their fashion get ups !!

NWA with Easy E - ice cube - dr dre mc ren dj yella - classic ish