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The Quotable Paulo Coelho: 50 Quotes to Inspire Your Day starting with Be brave. Take risks. Every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. --- Make history today!

I always say I won't pin certain things and I spend five damned minutes of my ridiculously short life arguing with myself over a pin and then I pin it anyway. Incessant pinning wins again

Paulo Coelho Quote - If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule. Never Lie To Yourself !

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I felt like this book was trying to tell me what to think and how to live my life. The author created a plot that makes the philosophy in it true, rather than having the ideas make the book true. I did't agree with it.

My favorite book of all time, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. This is such a beautiful book. Not only is it inspiring, but it also teaches you the virtue of patience and how it pays off when trying to reach your dreams.

'Impossible is just an opinion' is another classic inspirational quote from the Brazilian author of The Alchemist Paulo Coelho. Read more great Paulo Coelho quotes at seffsaid.com

20 Inspiring Paulo Coelho Quotes That Will Change Your Life

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Wonderful quote from 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho

It is time to read The Alchemist


"★★★º When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore. It is a decision." ~~Paulo Coelho★º When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore. It is a decision.

there are people that are not worth of your time explaining things to them, some are not open minded enough.

Don't waste your time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear -Paulo Coelho Democrats & BO voters, don't waste your time!

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