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I wonder if Bolt have been taught harrm no jutsu by Konohamaru or his father

Sensei & Student I love: Minato & Kakashi Jiraya & Minato Kakashi & Naruto Naruto & Konohamaru Kanohamaru & Bolt

the whole wedding thing during the credits made me tear up.

Naruto ~~ Isso é tão triste !!! E o que realmente me deixa é como Choji é o único a não olhar para ele maliciosamente ...

Naruto Logic : Outsider Oh my goodness so sad! I just wanna hug 'im!

Team seven lovin:

In which Naruto refuses to believe that love is a zero-sum game, and out-stubborns Sasuke. It's important to know that love exists in many forms, and one of those forms is friendship❤️