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15 Clever & Unusual Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

Who has time to put every single thing into a glass jar? Also, I'm not seeing any cat food in this crazy pantry. The cat looks concerned…

Customized Pantry        Quickly customize any pantry with tiered shelf organizers. "Can risers are like bleachers for your canned goods," Laura Leist says in her book Eliminate Chaos. "They allow you to see canned goods placed behind one another."

25 Kitchen Organization and Storage Tips

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets/Cupboards note: stacked stairs for cans/jars for easy sighting // IHeart Organizing: Organized "Dream Home" Tour

Special drawers for potatoes and onions in pantry..

(Those pulls are pretty fab, too.) The potatoes and onions should be futher apart, though, as they hasten each others' ripening & spoilage. Do on draw section for potatoes and onions

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22 Reader Space: Carly's Perfectly Pretty Closet

Free Printable Pantry Labels hand lettered by Zuer Designs. Print on clear sticker paper. Perfect for organising your pantry.

10 Ways to Organize the Garage - 49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

10 Ways to Organize the Garage garage organization declutter - love it! Get a head start before you put your home on the market

Old Silver Plated casserole stands used as a Spice Rack!  Everyday Uses for Your Sterling

Everyday Uses for Your Sterling

Silver casserole servers turned spice racks - how cool! By Mod Vintage Life FYI--I've read that spices should be kept out of the sun and light but this is a great idea.

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen - A trio of experts weighs in on the steps you need to take to create a structured, stress-free kitchen! STORE STUFF WHERE YO…