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Like all groups, too often people see the actions of a small fraction and automatically asssume it defines the entire group. Yes, I've met quite a few bikers, including more than a few I was always treated nicely and respectfully (but then aga

Faith In Humanity #32

Faith In Humanity #32

Faith In Humanity by vlade - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Then the window gets flung open to try and catch a sniff. I fucking love 2 stroke smoke :)


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Unlike black lives matter, who are setting fire's, breaking windows, attacking police officers. Bunch of bullshit! We need to put a stop to all these troublemakers...

One Million Bikers Protest In DC. NOT one store looted, fire set, or officer wounded. When a protest turns to violence and destruction, it is no longer a protest, it is a riot.