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I must not fear.  Fear is the mind-killer.  Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration (...)                              Frank Herbert                             The litany against fear by Bene Gesserit (Dune 1965)

He has mastered fear. Not death, not pain, not even losing his power. He is void of fear. And now he uses fear to conquer his enemies.

shair o ashura muy evolucionado

Book The story of the Dying Light (Shattered Land: Dying Light - Tales of Elvastron, The Shattered Saga)

Shadowmancer (The Circle) #Free #Kindle #suspense

Shadowmancer (The Circle) #Free #Kindle #suspense

mundiinnobis:  creaturesfromdreams:    Sorcerer Final by  Jose Afonso “eSkwaad”        More here - http://mundiinnobis.tumblr.com

m Fighter Eldrich Knight w staff armor ArtStation - Sorcerer Final, Jose Afonso "eSkwaad"

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m Wizard magic book Staff Cloak scrolls underdark sewer