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BRITISH WW I.Uncle Sam in a British Recruiting Poster [More Uncle Pictures] This is a Poster showing Uncle Sam with a man in eighteenth-century garb and a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe. The poster is from and is a British recruiting poster for World War

This is a photo of John F. Kennedy Jr as he salutes the flag during his father's funeral.

November 1963 ~ John F Kennedy Jr Saluting His Father's Flagged Draped Coffin As It Goes By On His Birthday - Anybody Who Was Around Then - This Iconic Moment & Photograph Stays Burned In Your Memory Forever ~ He Gave His Father A Wonderful Send Off

John McLellan, D.C.M., Dunoon (1875-1949)

John McLellan, D., Dunoon He enlisted in 1892 at age 17 with the Highland Light Infantry and went with the Battalion to Malta in 1897

2 Musicians, c1850. Musicians have always been a little over the top i'm guessing.

2 Musicians, Musicians have always been a little over the top i'm guessing.

'If I Fail He Dies' ~ In this 1918 WWI Red Cross recruitment poster, we see another maternal nurse figure as she cradles a fallen soldier.

"If I Fail He Dies - Work for the Red Cross" ~ WWI nurse's recruitement poster by Arthur McCoy, ca.

US Navy war time poster

Wartime Food Poster: Navy poster: OK Chow Hound -- Just be sure you eat it. Watch your waste!

Fourth of July Frugal Decor - tips and ideas from #oldfashionedliving

todaysdocument: “ Happy of July! “ “Uncle Sam’s Birthday. July 142 Years Young and Going Strong. 1917 - ca. 1919 ” Make that 236 Years Young!