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neutral brunette: grey and brown shadow, gentle cat eye: i love the combo of her light green eyes, her tanish skin, and dark brown hair

Cat's Eye beautiful combo to incorporate with gray LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat's Eye beautiful combo to incorporate with gray LOVE IT! Matches my black/gray marble floors. The bottom 3 colors are the tile colors.

Download Wallpaper 1080x1920 cat, face, eyes, color Sony Xperia Z1, ZL, Z…

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green,cat eye contact

I have to go on a quest! I have been told to find the cat eyed girl. I an told she hides in remote parts of Europe, had amazing hearing, and can run incredible speeds. She will be hard to catch. I will need help. Will 2 demigods volunteer to go with me?

Central Heterochromia with ZONULE detailing I never understood why my eyes were different colors and now I do!!!

Central Heterochromia with ZONULE detailing. So not only do my green eyes change color, they are also a form of heterochromia! Love my eyes!

central heterochromia like mine.  found in 11/1000 people, also known as "cat eye"

A multi-coloured eye containing, grey, green, amber and brown tones (considered a hazel eye)