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Beautiful example of a python exhibiting the "piebald" mutation. The underlying genetic cause is closely related to leucism.

Cape cobra eating a puff adder   by photographer Piet Heymans

Always remember family don't mean shit to a snake.


Reminds me of our horse Coco who would do this but only when we gave her a Tootsie Roll. She was such a great horse.

Me irl

Giant panda Ai Hin put on a 'phantom pregnancy', possibly because she wanted special treatment, her Chinese keepers say.

This has got to be one of the cutest baby animals. I could just fawn over it. #fawnover #seriouscuteness

Lil fawns are soooooo gentle . this is such a beautiful pic of learnin' to trust ESP cuz the fawn has everythin to loose n the hooman NOTHIN' . I LOVE fawns!

le dark Caniche

le dark Caniche