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Képtalálat a következőre: „motorkerékpár részei”

Képtalálat a következőre: „motorkerékpár részei”

"Wait!" I hear Bestial yell after me. This girl is not going to give up. I sigh and turn around to face her. "What?" I ask, frustrated. "They'll kill you if you go back. Your banished." "They might not." I say. She is probably right though, not many people like me. She stands in her toes tho get closer to my face. "No, they will." She's breathing hard and her gusts are clenched, as if she is trying to control her outburst.

" Adelaide cried bolting after luke as soon as she touched his white sleeve the memory of when him and her first met bolted into her mind,suddenly aware of how close they were she stifled back a gasp and blushed anxious of what might happen next

John Lennon on Behance

[John Lennon by Amando Aquino, via Behance] Beautiful Illustration of John Lennon! Just simply beautiful and stunning!

If 9 Of Your Favorite Franchises Were Turned Into Anime. These are pretty cool~ - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

If 9 Of Your Favorite Franchises Were Turned Into Anime (ps: fyi sherlock actually has a manga and that's the only reason why I'm pinning this)

-"Sometimes I feel really evil for laughing at all the honor jokes, but I'm sorry, they never get old."-

Avatar the Last Airbender: what proud parents!of course, they made a 'Zuko's honor' joke in this too.

Aang print

meexart:I made this super last minute for the Avatar Gallery Nucleus exhibition!m super excited for this gallery event.