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Savannah made sure Jim's curlers were nice and tight. Just the way he likes them!

He's not happy about the changes b ut he adores everything about his new wife and will do whatever she wants, even being totally feminized for her. She started him on hormone therapy a week ago, he knows his life as a male is over

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How to Use Hair Rollers to Style Hair

wrap the curled (still hot) hair around a jumbo sponge roller.   Curl the next piece and put a sponge roller in right away.  Continue until you’ve finished your whole head.     Brushing is optional but that’s how I get that soft glamourous wave. If you don’t brush it, you’re going to get more “locks” of big curl which can be just as beautiful. But either way, your curl will definitely last longer.


We're on double duty today! Here's how to get your big bouncy curls to last a lot longer! (I need to go back to basics, like the pink rollers)

Absolutely love seeing my bf's hair in curlers, whether from me or his stylist

Darren is that you? I swear I never recognised my own husband, your blonde set looks fabulous sweetie

I need to learn how to do this!

Hair Ideas

, don't want 1994 soccer mom look! This changed my life. Before, I curled towards the face and wondered why I looked like a soccer mom. Away from the face = Hollywood. Towards the face = soccer mom.