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Building Social Skills

Building Social Skills

Charlie Brown Teacher Speaking- Surviving the Boring Moments. Really - sometimes the teacher feels like Peppermint Patty, too!

The Charlie Brown Teacher Speaking was a trombone with a plunger to make the wah-wah sounds. This also allowed the sounds to be louder or softer.

Problem Solving    Perspective Taking  Expected/Unexpected  Bert & Ernie - Rude At The Movies

Problem solving, perspective taking, expected/unexpected with a Bert & Ernie clip (Rude At The Movies)

Overreaction Man (+playlist)- great for older students.

Sketch from TV show 'Angry Pinata' Written by Joe Villate and CJ Fortuna and Directed by James Teh

Watson Institute: Ready to USE Behavior Stories!!!! (anger, at home, clothing, friends, grades/homework, upsetting behaviors, sadness, school routines, self-control, sensory, sports/recess, talking, teen issues, touching things)

Watson Institue: Social Stories on feelings, school work and class behaviour, self care activities, friends.

Great animation to use with Rock Brain and how to solve a problem!

Solving a problem--A good demonstration of the Problem Solving Skills (Say the Problem, Think of Solutions, Explore Consequences, Pick a Solution)