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Grammar Police Badge Patch - i want one!!  I have been accused of being on the force more than once ☺

Grammar Police Badge Patch - i want one! Hey Jennifer Perry this is for you.

Ariana Grande, “Break Free” | 19 Of The Worst Lyrics Of 2014 ] Another reason to be suuhooo annoyed by her.

Ariana Grande, "Break Free"

The Worst Lyrics of 2014 Music is meant to be an expression of free thought to a beat, but these artists should be locked up for these awful lyrics.

Lol wouldn't this be the best thing to find after getting your car towed?

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Dear Public Sign Creator, Do you remember when you got an F- in English back in middle school?looks like you owe me 50 bucks now. Sincerely Yours ~ 50 Bucks Richer - spelling matters

This kid.... read the second paragraph, and then check out his grade. LOL.

My buddy decided that his Prof. does not read past the first paragraph

read the second paragraph, then look at his grade. Kid=Win, Teacher=Fail Teachers, read your students' essays.

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The Funniest Book Dedications You Would Ever Read, besides Rick Rodian's in House of Hades.why do we love him?

how to irritate an English teacher

12 Misused And Made-Up Words That Make You Rage - They really do.If our parents and teachers would just learn proper English grammar they could actually teach it correctly!

From She Walks Softly, http://shewalkssoftly.com/2013/11/21/desktop-goodies-books/#comment-25192

How to Raise your IQ by Eating Gifted Children via David Gallaher & Dangerous Minds