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Lips | by Marc Laroche

Lips | by Marc Laroche

rainbow lips | by Sketchy Sara

From yesterday, this one seems to be getting a lot of love on fb. I thought I would share.

sugar lips | by gunstreet.girl

sugar lips | by gunstreet.girl


Conceal roots completely with Root Touch Up from Madison Reed. It's a powder based, water & pillow resistant formula that stays in until you shampoo out, and is perfect to hold you over between colorings.

Arabic Dentist Cauterizing Dental Pulp - Dental History

Are you faced with limited dental insurance coverage? Dental tourism may be the answer. Are you looking for an affordable dentist with top-notch dentist credentials

Info-graphic on how seeing your Dentist regularly can help you save money--preventive care

For Tooth's Sake: Why Regular Dental Care Now Can Save You Big Later. Seriously, look at the big picture people! Don't neglect yours or your kids teeth!

Dental phantom.  Dental students used this one in the late 1800's.

dental phantom

Dental students used this one in the late vintage medical, mannequin head / strange )