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Cow Print Knee High Socks from The Sock Drawer-Jessie Disneybound

Cow Print Knee High Socks | Womens

Mooooooo-ve out of the way, plain white tube socks. The deal you could get on these cool knee highs is utterly ridiculous.

Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by Napalm9.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by on deviantART. Okay the bottom left picture on step 6 looks like she was cosplaying Frodo! Just add curly hair!

Sock ItTo Me Funky Batnado Knee High Socks.

These awesome knee high bat socks are a great touch for any spooky look as October 31 approaches — or anytime if you're feeling a little eerie.

Donut Knee High Socks

Donut Knee High Socks | Womens

A dozen donuts please, hold the guilt. We can promise you this unique food knee highs go just as well with your morning coffee as a real pastry does. Be careful: these socks will go even faster than t

We hear the odds of lightning striking twice are about one in a million… but with these cool knee high socks, we can guarantee you will get struck at least once in each leg- but hopefully no more than

o lightning can strike twice - once for each of your legs. Grey knee high socks with white lightning streaks hitting black pine trees.