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“If you are more outraged at poor black folks in Missouri looting stores than rich whites on Wall Street looting your future, you have been duped.

Photo: Now if those snowflakes did a little history they'd know this

It's obvious that liberals are drawn to losers, while conservatives go with winners and achievers.

an 83 year old army veteran arrived in paris by plane An 83 year old Army veteran arrived in Paris by plane...

This would have been amusing to be behind the veteran and eavesdrop to this conversation. Respect good sir☺ (Good Post, excuse the bad word.

take it from this old nurse: REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!!!!

President Obama 's Re-election

Funny pictures about President Obama. Oh, and cool pics about President Obama. Also, President Obama photos.

Boy... you are a burrito short of a combination plate!  http://fotfl.com/?p=1724

Foghorn Leghorn - "Boy, I say boy, pay close attention to me, 'cause you're a burrito short of a combination plate.

so true

Rangers yup, not sorry. you are getting your head blown off if you come back in this house!

vitamin B17 found in Apricot seeds destroys cancer cells

Cannabis Vitamin are both banned by the FDA when they have the abilities to destroy cancer cells.