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Pocket Survival Kit with 5 items that should be in every backpack, every purse and every glove box. Affordable items that can keep you safe.

The Useful and Affordable Pocket Survival Kit

Assassin's Creed III Secrets & Unlockables Part 3

So so happy to be alive today. Smiling and am in such a good place, thank you God. We all smile in the same language, laughter is universal. Let's spread it around today. The world needs your smile.

Learn how to make-yoghurt drops! A simple and easy recipe

Welcome to how to make KFC chicken in the Airfryer recipe. Happy 4th of July and I hope everyone around the world is having a lovely day today whether you’re American or not. I love Independence Day and it always makes me smile and makes me happy. It is that part of July before Portugal …

Top Fried Chicken Recipes for the Air Fryer

Chop up chicken into 9 pieces. bowl 1 add your KFC spice blend & crumbs. bowl 2 is flour bowl 3 beaten egg.Roll your chicken pieces in the flour, the egg and then crumbs.Heat Airfryer to add chicken cook for min check if done

Finger monkeys are actually pygmy marmosets from the rain forest. These primates belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebuella and genus C. pygma. They are the tiniest living primates in the world. They are also known by the names "pocket monkeys" and "tiny lions". Theses adorable guys hug and grip on to your finger so tight that it pulls at your heartstrings and you want to take them home with you.

Baby Monkey

Finger Monkeys from The Rain Forest. One of the cutest things on the planet! For the idiot who called Pygmy Marmosets "Finger Monkeys"

Be ChildRich and proud for helping to save Humanity. Human birth rate is dropping fast due to human hedonism and individualism, effective birth control and anti-STD drugs and anti-natalist ideologies like ChildFree, MGTOW, Zeta male ideologies. If the decline  of birth rates is not stopped, Humanity will cease to exist. When you decide to extend your family line, not only you fulfill your moral duties to your family and ancestors, you help to save Humanity from depopulation and extinction.

Jesus Loves all the Children of the World.Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight.

Unbelievably beautiful.  What a wonderful world.

Moms and their babies.


In memory of Jonghyun, always remembered as someone who loved music and though he was part of Shinee he was a man who always gave his best and needed more love. My sincere condolences to family, close friends and fellow band members.

So proud of you Memphis. You will make real friends. These other kids aren't good kids in this neighborhood.

New Arrivals (& Coming Soon) to Team Beachbody

"Let your smile change the world. But don't let the world change your smile." Be happy. If you're not happy, wear a smile until your attitude changes to match it!