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I do, i did, but fuck him.

"Once in love, a Taurus is not going anywhere. They'll stick it out to the end." That being said " once a Taurus has has enough, they will never come back" choose carefully

I love it when people underestimate me!

I don’t think I’m extremely lovable, or really stubborn or toug… Daily Horoscope Taureau 2017 Description Taurus. I don’t think I’m extremely lovable, or really.

Yep, I let things pass for a long time, far too long, and finally explode. Beware pushing me too far.

When a Taurus snaps, it is mostly because of all the built in frustration they have been holding inside of them.

Be certain of this if you have a Taurus

It's not uncommon for a Taurus to bring up past hurt feelings. They can have a hard time forgiving especially if the action left them vulnerable and presented a loss of security.

Taurus-so true. Even when someone really breaks down my wall, I'll try hard not to let them see me smile. Try so hard to be tough.

Taurus may be stubborn, but their tough exterior will melt with humor and affection. So true though!

It's True - Taurus Facts

Taurus posses a naturally quiet personality that doesn't need to be the center of attention

Most of it true.

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