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Seungri's English {GIF} Lol so cute

Seungri's answer when asked what kind of animal he would be xD love this gif! i rmrbr wen i was a small baby the doctors asked me wat i want to be and i said "horse" TWINZIES seungri!

BIGBANG's comeback!...

BB are back!!

when BigBang has a comback. Run for your lifes, you fools

Daesung, TOP, GD, and Seungri gif of 2NE1 I am the best

edit kpop Seungri Big Bang daesung top gd bigbang YG yg family i am the best

Daesung gives a piggyback to TOP and Taeyang (gif)

Oh god bigbang what are you doin to deasung?<<<<he's obviously the stronger one so they're using him for piggyback rides ! those r fun!

Top and GD---gif

choi-top-hyung: Watching GTOP play around aggressively.[gif set] Seungri is like please ignore what is happening behind me lol

omg DaeSungs face xD

Lol Daesung's face is like: *shock and awe* *notices camera* *weirded out face*

GD and TOP gif at mama 2013 watching Troublemakers kiss scene.T.O.P's face when he sees it.........kekeke

GD and TOP gif at mama 2013 watching Troublemakers kiss scene . TOP's expression is priceless . But I'm not gonna lie my reaction was a lot like GD's, I love those two but didn't see that coming!