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Well, that settles it then. I am the strongest woman alive!

Endometriosis Awareness :: Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.losing the ability to hide it.

Yep so girls are too desperate

If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. So sad actually but so true - I need to remember this. not only with guys but with everyone

Why must I listen to you Damn you John Mayer

"Even if you think the flame has died, there's at least one lyric that'll hit that last hot spot, and then you'll find yourself as fucked as you were the day you lied and said you never wanted to see her again." - John Mayer - Quotes I love this


Marriage is a relationship funny marriage quotes about husbands - My Lovely Quotes Bahahahaha

Nana's Boy Shawnee

Unless someone themselves has suffered the loss of a baby/child they have NO CLUE what a mother goes through. Say nothing if you are going to say something STUPID, like, "oh, you have other children" (Step Children Difficult)