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I feel like the master just sits in the background watching them save Paris giggling like a little schoolgirl cuz he ships them XD

U know master fu said "we need help" and what happened he never help chat or ladybug. Until tikki got sick he only helped. But u know he dosent want to help them out fighting cuz he ships them and we all know that

lol I have no idea why she does this

lol I have no idea why she does this << maybe she wants to know if she's awake XD

wHAT *high-pitched babbling* this isn't real.<< is it thooo? Let me knowww << I NEED ANSWERS

Awww Adrien !!! So adorable !!! Why can't guys be as him?? Look at his face in the last pic!

Why does this kids show keep messing with mai emotions! Stop messing with mai heart!

"That juice was my life Chloe how dare you"

So everyone is talking about how Adrien loves pastries but maybe he just loves food in general. I mean just look how happy he is when he gets juice and how he looks when it's taken away XD>> I’d be hella pissed to if someone took me food for no reason!

She typed with her chin and nose XD

She typed with her chin and nose XD<<<i do that all the time lmao! heh because obviously by hand gets pixelized ALL the time


Why did Adrien say Ladybug has his mom's smile? Maybe it's because he loved his mom's smile? Or because he wanted to say the same thing as Ladybug?

That would explain why cat noir also flirts with Marinette

Why do some people still look for "proof " when it s actually canon that he likes both marinette and Lady bug and even feels conflicted bc of that? It's canon, yes he likes marinette