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"Under Whose God". spring 2012 season. The scene brings to light systems of privilege and oppression as it relates to religion. Four performers explain their religious and spiritual views and discuss the ways in which Christian privilege has impacted their lives, leaving the audience with the message that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

"Under Whose God" is an informative skit written by a student in Awareness thorugh Performance (ATP) at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse during the sp.


Try snarky asexual friend. God help me, I tried not to repost this! I like bad jokes asexual friend better

In this infographic, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks from lawn care professionals on how to maintain your lawn during each season.

Infographic: Season-by-Season Guide to Lawn Care

Getting Called Out: How to genuinely apologize and -- gasp! -- learn something from the experience

How to Apologize When You Get Called Out November 2013 by Franchesca Leigh — Everyday Feminism Apology Apologies Apologizing

A Writer's StoryBoards card - Make a scene!

A Writer's StoryBoards card - Make a scene! /// Use Tarot cards to help make a random story

sometimes the only way to respond to complete stupidity is by expressing yourself visually.

There isn't white history month bc in history class most of it IS white history. And do straights get discriminated, bullied, killed, or denied rights for being straight.