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bucket list: have my grandparents at my wedding.my grandma was there and the others were there in heaven.

Please comment and repin!!!! Please!!!!!! Oh, for each repin I will run up and down stairs for 3 minutes

Oh dear god help me. I'm only gonna do it because I'm fat af and I need to exercise and loose weight. And also comment something to motivate me.

Really ... wondering if this would work for bikini line?

DIY Honey Lemon Facial Hair Removal - Lemon is good for skin tone and acne scars too!

Stop bouncing from guy to guy and making them a part of your "family" after a week. What are you teaching your children? What are you teaching your daughters? What memories will they have of you running different men in out and of their lives.

Mother- Daughter Date Ideas

Be positive role models for your children. Don't forget—Actions speak louder than words. and you are always teaching your kids. Lead by example, being a model in word and deed. Both parents set the tone and pace for their children’s success.

Have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. I think some people get married for only the wedding and not the marriage. I hope my marriage will be one to be envied!

Photo of Marine and his bride praying before wedding goes viral. This is so sweet, I can't help the tears. Gotta love a great marine. May he live long and prosper.

Mother Theresa (Dranafile Bojaxhiu) ~~~~ HER work through the Sisters of Charity will live on. You are now seeing the face of God, Blessed Mother Theresa

Honey, there is a kid on our bug.You may be able to hear me scream, I am screaming that loud. Bugs are scary.

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I promise I wont reply but for those at school. Watch your backs cuz I know where your lockers are!