Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY

The Kentucky Horse Park is an equine theme park and competition facility celebrating mankinds relationship with the horse.

7. High Bridge Trail, Farmville (and surrounding areas), Virginia @elawall We should do this one weekend since its close-ish to the boys!

These 16 Out-Of-This-World Hiking Spots In Virginia Will Leave You In Awe

VA High Bridge Trail State Park was converted from a railroad to a hiking trail for bicyclists, horseback riding & walking. 31 miles of abandoned railroad was donated to Virginia State Parks.

Churchill Downs Entrance The Kentucky Derby Museum is one of the best I've ever seen with lots of interactive exhibits and, projected around the balcony,  a slide show that had me in tears.

Churchill Downs ---GO see Kentucky Derby Museum 704 Central Avenue, Louisville, KY 40208 (South Side

Kentucky Lake Grand Rivers attractions things to do at Land between the Lakes Lake Barkley

Kentucky Lake Grand Rivers attractions things to do at Land between the Lakes Lake Barkley

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Kayaking around Honker Lake in Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. Photo by Darrin Samborski

10 Most Amazing Caves in the World - Mammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky, US)  Mammoth cave National park is the longest cave system in the world and probably will be the longest for all time which is unlikely to be surpassed. It spans 52 830 hectares which is twice as long as the second longest cave system, Mexico's Sac Actun an under water cave.  The National Park offers several cave tours to tourists and visitors. Numerous notable features of the cave includes the Grand Avenue, Frozen…

10 Most Beautiful Caves in the World