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Luma design

Luma design

The final product! Printed at the Laughing Owl Press.

Wedding Coaster

When you want to add a special touch in your designs you can go for sure on gold textures, they create beautiful, outstanding designs and you'll feel more proud

enjoy the summer

Somerset Hat

Nothing beats a bright, summer day spent at the beach, taking in the sun and surf.

Lettering, It Is True, Writing, Advertise, Beautiful

ritengo che questo poster sia un " good typography" perchè le parole creano un quadro che incanta il pubblico . Il carattere si adatta all'atmosfera del quadro . Anche i colori sono di grande contrasto con il nero. La scelta del font e della posizione è efficace prende lo scopo di questo poster prende significato. Tutte le caratteristiche dei principi tipografici in questo poster si fondono insieme in modo ottimale è adeguato per la promozione di questo poster.

By Jen Sublasky. I really like the design in this flyer, though hard to read. As far as proximity is concerned, everything is right next to each other. There is no repetition to be seen. The contrast that makes it appear as a glass of beer.


This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.

Zambia travel infographics Southern Africa travel infographics

Southern Africa travel infographics

Kinda overdone but still cool Zambia travel infographics Southern Africa travel infographics

Editorial illustration for book cover for John Steinbeck's most famous novel, 'of mice and men' Illustrated by John Holcroft

My tenth grade teacher made us read this book and i can honestly say it was good reading. The title made not want to read it but after i did, it made me think of what real friends are and how far would they really go for you.