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Pretty wrap to keep the neck warm.Love the back, wonder if a person could knit in the round and make a huggie? I know that it is knitted, but maybe we can get an idea of how to make something like this in crochet?

BabyDROPS 18-15 - DROPS Decke mit Perlmuster in ”Polaris”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Princess Chantilly - Knitted DROPS blanket with wavy pattern in ”Merino Extra Fine”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

8.Baby blanket II

8.Baby blanket II

Fast, Easy Crocheted Baby Blanket - lovely stitch, beginner level, & took only 11-12 hrs for the author to crochet the 30" size (will take longer for larger size or a beginner, but anything under 20 hrs for a whole blanket is fast)  -- Free Crochet Pattern for Beginners  by Amy Solovay, About.com

Learn How to Crochet A Blanket with This Easy, Free Pattern