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Stop calling us the "weak" ones. We are just as dedicated and hardcore as you. I had to attach lead to my violin bow for grade 8 exam preparation. My violin teacher made me empty out a box of matches and put ONE back each time I played the bar correctly.

Excuse the language Hell yeah, hardcore artists! PS, they forgot writers, too.

Eating tic tacs - Fail Picture

funny caption My God I've been eating Tic Tacs Wrong for Years Right Way to get one tic tac at a time little crevice for one tic tac the right way to eat tic tacs

Oh, okay guys. I see you over there! You thought no one waz gon' find out. Ha! You thought

Kermit The Frog But That's None Of My Business- Beyonce Blue Ivy.oh Kermit!

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My bro and sis both will eat all my leftovers and it is freaking ANNOYING. Like, do you really think I left that food there for you? Heck no I didn't.

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