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Hot Bangkok trip!

Hot Bangkok trip!

Lichen katydid (Markia Hystrix)

IT'S AN INSECT! Lichen Katydid (Markia Hystrix) by Reza Hashemizadeh, projectnoal: Amazing camouflage! Not a mushroom or fungus, or lichen but I thought you would enjoy this little guy.

Things to do in Bangkok Infographic@Makymytrip.com

From shopping and sightseeing to eating and fun activities, our expert recommends the top things to do in Bangkok.

This is the truth

minion movie, The fact that Jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people who are stupid ignorant

Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. 500 baht per person to see the intricate design. Lots of tourists, but intentional and sneaky walking can keep things calm (for the most part). Must wear modest clothing to enter but you can purchase skirts/pants/wraps for 100 baht

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Why did the salmon cross Skokomish Valley Road?  :) by Harley Soltes for the Seattle Times, in 2001

Why Did The Fish Cross The Road?Salmon Cross Flooded Road in Washington State “ why did the fish cross the road?” check out the answer!