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The Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita who did the “Heroes” RIP David Bowie. January 11 2016

The Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita who did the “Heroes” cover also shot so many alternative portraits from that session. It’s a sad occasion to be able to share all these great Bowie portraits.

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: #108 David Bowie, 'Hunky Dory'

500 Greatest Albums of All Time

David Bowie - Hunky Dory, Album Cover by Davids childhood friend.

David Bowie photographed by Steve Schapiro.

These Portraits Capture David Bowie At the Height of His 1970s Glory

According to David Bowie’s will, which was filed in a New York court on Friday, his estate will be divided between his wife Iman, his two children, one of his children’s nanny, and his longtime personal assistant.

David Bowie's Will Splits Estate Between Iman, His Children, the Nanny and a Personal Assistant

James Black ... Arkansas blacksmith and creator of the original Bowie knife designed by Jim Bowie. Bowie was already famous for knife-fighting from his 1827 sandbar duel. But his killing of three assassins in Texas and death at the Alamo made him, and the blacksmith’s knife, legends. Black’s knives were exceedingly tough yet flexible. He kept his knife making methods secret, even doing his work behind a leather curtain. James Black’s knives cannot be duplicated even today.

This picture depicts James Black. Black was the creator of the Bowie knife. James Bowie was the first person to make the Bowie knife popular. This is said to be the knife James Bowie used at the famous stand off at the Alamo.

appalled David Bowie gif. There are few things more perfect than that. Bookmarking to use on friends when they say, "Who is David Bowie?"

12 Things Only David Bowie Fans Understand

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David Bowie wearing a Kansai Yamamoto’s suit designed for Ziggy Stardust Tour,

Space Oddity | David Bowie 1969. Thanks to The secret Life of Walter Mitty.

“David Bowie // Space Oddity For here Am I sitting in a tin can Far above the world Planet Earth is blue And there’s nothing I can do ” RIP David Bowie ” — David Bowie, Circa 77 — David Bowie, Circa 77

Humans Have More In Common Than We Think | The Odyssey

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“The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” ― ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ʙᴏᴡɪᴇ ღ David Robert Jones ❥ January 1947 ― 10 January ★