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Well they didn't have a proper childhood so they revert back to that stage

One hot meme

they're trying to have another childhood, you know the one their father ruined

I lost my shoe :(

I lost my shoe. This morning I flat-tired myself despite having pretty tight shoes on. I walked back to my dorm with my shoe half off and dragging in the snow. When I got in I just looked at my roommate with the sad moose face^



I laughed at this for 5 minutes before repinning it.

SUPERNATURAL QUOTES - Sam is unamoosed - I found this ridiculously funny. Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki<<<< I laughed out loud and my cousin was staring at me.

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the-banana-paradox: “mystupidiscontagious: “ forevercryingbecausemerlin: “ nobodyputstheimpalainacorner: “ the supernatural casting director must sleep so well at night ” isn’t that some sort of.


Yea, I literally binge watched this show to the point that my xbox gave me an achievement for it XD. I felt this way sometimes lol <------- I actually want to give me an achievement for binge watching, omg

I may or may not have fell off my chair laughing.


Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Supernatural Humor / Castiel / Season 1 << literally me when I started

My Prince Charming Sweatshirt. Supernatural Fandom Sweatshirt. Unisex Sizing.

My Prince Charming Sweatshirt. Supernatural Fandom Shirt. Unisex Sizing

Somebody animate every episode of Supernatural to be just as happy go lucky as this episode was

Supernatural changing channels episode (Deans face at the end fucking killls mee)

he is right in some ways dean....but that`s just the way it is.....

Dean tears, the prettiest yet most heartbreaking tears you'll ever see.