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Love the bold prints and subtle colors

Photo or wall painting can be a pleasant interior ideas, in addition to beautify the room you could create your own gallery wall you want

Big and small frames in th eliving room

An interesting concept - a salon style gallery wall with no space between each piece. It certainly creates a modern look and allows for more pieces to be hung together on the same wall. Maximize your wall space and make room for more art!

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Citizen Hems - black Acapulco chair, pendant lamp - want the wooden box. We have the perfect corner for it❤️

Bae Mombaers | http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/bea-mombaers-bed-breakfast-belgium/

Bea Mombaers' Super Stylish B&B in Belgium

Love the framed photos/art/patterns put together without space around them. Really creates a whole wall art collage. I love this! I need to do this to my living room wall.

art wall with ledges (good for changing up more often). those predominantly Again another 'overdone' display...they seem to go so overboard for architectural digest and what not....  black photos help achor what would have been too much white, in my opinion.

Gallery wall of black and white art in black or white frames on white ledge shelving. The taupe wall paint sets off these sketches, prints and photos perfectly - Eclectic Gallery Art Wall Ideas & Decor